Do you know what an M·Key is?

It is the digital key you can use on your mobile phone to open doors completely securely. Each M·Key can be given the permits you want, and you even send an M·Key to a friend for a few days or simply for a single use.

¿Sabes que es una M·Key?

M·Key Secure

The new M·Key Secure service from Alai Secure Secure allows you to simply open the door to your home or business immediately, and most importantly, securely. It has a state-of-the-art smart system for opening and access control based on Telco Security standards. It is designed for both the home and workplaces.

It also covers the following situations:

  • opening with a mobile phone - with and without coverage;
  • opening under duress–an alert can be sent to a security centre;
  • sending a single-use key to a guest so that they can enter;
  • monitoring access by all off-site employees.

Main advantages of M·Key Secure

M·Key Secure - Advantages: Convenience

It allows you, at any time and from anywhere, to quickly and easily send a key to the person who you choose, so that they can have access to your home.

M·Key Secure - Advantages: Control

Find out who has entered your home and when. Keep an eye on the comings and goings of your external staff (cleaners, gardeners, etc). or deal with isolated events, involving the emergency services, police, etc.

M·Key Secure - Advantages: Safety

M·Key Secure has been designed to meet the highest standards of Telco Security. Alai has over 12 years' experience in managing secure critical communications.

The M·Key Secure service operates using:

M·Key Secure

Mobile App

The M·Key Secure Mobile app for the end user allows you to validate and use your smartphone to open locked doors.

M·Key Secure - Mobile App

- CAS -

Secure Authorisation Centre

CAS is the self-management web application that allows you to manage users and permits, and to send temporary invitations.

M·Key Secure - CAS: Secure Authorisation Centre

Alai Secure's Telco Security experience has enabled it to design a completely innovative, robust and reliable security solution that can be integrated with leading smart lock manufacturers, and to provide a solution that enables users to have greater control in their homes and workplaces and to allow other people to enter quickly, simply and securely.

Sistema de apertura de puertas comunitarias

Door opening system

M·Key Secure is integrated with the automatic intercom of your community - telephone, intercom, video-doorman... - allowing the portal to be opened by mobile, either for a regular user of confidence or for an external user (one-time invitation).


Secure Authorisation Centre

CAS is the self-management Web Application with a user-friendly interface which means that you can quickly and easily:

  • Manage users for specific addresses/locks
  • Manage permits: indefinite, periodical, temporary, etc.
  • Manage employees/permits for a client/address. *Option only available in the Business version
  • Send single use keys
  • Monitor and view all operations online
  • Access reports for operations and accesses
  • Schedule alerts: to find out when a door opens, and who opens it

M·Key Secure - CAS: Secure Authorisation Centre


The M·Key Secure service has been designed to meet the needs of both the residential market and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations that offer "hosting and custody" services and which are interested in optimising the operations of their service, and in managing and supervising their personnel.

Private Clients

The M·Key Secure version for homeowners is designed to provide access to the home for all members of the household in a totally secure way, and to provide occasional access for third parties by sending temporary keys enabled for a few days or simply for a single use. When a friend comes to spend a few days in your home, when you need your brother to go and water the plants or feed the pet or just when you need the concierge to turn on the heating. There are an infinite number of different scenarios. M·Key Secure makes life easier for users by adding a layer of security in access to their homes, and allows them to save time and problems whenever they need to allow other people to enter their home.

M·Key Secure - Private Clients: Services

Don't worry any more about leaving the keys with employees - the home help, gardener, etc..-. With M·Key Secure you can find out who has entered your home and when, and deny a permit temporarily or definitely in a matter of seconds without worrying about getting your keys back”.

M·Key Secure - Private Clients: Family and friends

Letting your family or friends come to your house to spend a few days is no longer a problem with the keys. You can send an M·Key to each mobile with permits so that they can come in without any problems, whenever they want, until the day they leave. Forget about making copies and worrying about whether they have closed the house properly”.

M·Key Secure - Private Clients: Roommates

If one of your roommates decides to leave, you can revoke the permit at any time without having to change the lock, and create a new key with all the necessary permits for the person who comes to take their place”.


The M·Key Secure business version has been specially designed for:

  • corporations that have a large number of employees who work off-site and need access either to their own properties or to the homes of their end clients on a regular or occasional basis - for maintenance, cleaning, home help auxiliary services, real estate sales...-
  • companies that provide an "escort and custody" service and need effective key management – social and health andsecurity services, etc.
  • and offices of small and medium-sized enterprises.
M·Key Secure - Businesses: Agentes inmobiliarios
M·Key Secure - Businesses: Servicios de emergencias
M·Key Secure - Businesses: Ayuda a domicilio

It also enables you to:

  • Have different levels of access within the company: central services, territorial, province, etc ... with different privileges in each case.
  • Manage the users and permissions of each client, as well as the permits of employees assigned to a particular client/lock.
  • Create and send temporary keys with restricted permits for personnel with a high turnover, unexpected medical leave, holidays, and for exceptional circumstances in which external personnel are needed to deal with an emergency.
  • Monitor access by your employees to both the workplace and the client's home.

And most importantly, it allows you to optimise your clients' key management, with the consequent savings on time and travel, and to offer your end clients the opportunity to trust in a totally revolutionary and secure service.

Access to CAS (Safe Authorization Center)


M·Key Secure is an AlaiSecure service

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